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Myopia Control

What is Myopia (more commonly known as short-sightedness)?

Myopia is a focusing error that makes far-away objects look blurry.

It happens when the length of the eye is too long and images cannot be accurately focused on the retina (back of the eye). The retinal membranes become stretched increasing the possibility of retinal detachment, glaucoma, and cataracts.

If left untreated, myopia can lead to lasting vision problems

But together we can curb myopia in children

It is most likely that we are adapting to close modern working conditions, such as using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone rather than looking far away.

It has been predicted that by 2050, 50% of all people will be myopic.

It is not something that we can easily change however when young and still growing we can practice holding mobiles and tablets a little further away and to limit the time we use them.

Some of us are just going to be myopic, no matter what we do. If our parents are myopic then we are likely to also be myopic.

Myopia progression is most rapid under 10 years of age and significantly greater rates of progression are noted in children already with high myopia.


Fortunately, there is some good news!

In recent years much research and development have allowed us to manufacture both spectacles and contact lenses to reduce the progression of myopia. We can begin to control it!

Using lenses that more accurately focus peripheral images on the retina, the eye will cease to grow in length and reduce the incidence of eye disease.


For the technical it is termed 'peripheral defocus'.

Normal spectacles and contact lenses focus peripheral images past the retina hence hyperopic defocus. The eye is induced to grow by attempting to focus on the images behind the retina (Figure 1).

Myopia control spectacles and contact lenses focus peripheral images in front of the retina myopic defocus hence interrupt the feedback loop for the eye to continue lengthening and becoming more myopic (Figure 1).








We have used our extensive trading knowledge to also source product directly from the country that suffers and treats more myopia than anywhere else in the world, China.

As you can imagine, direct sourcing allows us to provide you with the option of using myopia control, at an affordable price, for your children.

Data shows us that increasing myopia may be reduced by approximately 60%.

Every myopic child should have the option of myopia control.

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