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In Store Workshop



Spectacles glazed within an hour


You can use your own frames


Repairs on-site

Myopia Control Spectacles

Myopia (short sighted) is a common condition

It increases the risk of eye disease

We can now curb its progression in children

Every myopic child deserves the option!

Contact Lens Fitting



1 days, monthly, astigmatic, multifocal, hybrid

We guarantee success or you don't pay

No fitting fees

At David Stern Opticians, we have almost 40 years of experience.  We have tailored our services and skills to offer a uniquely personal service.


We will listen to your requirements, examine your eyes, and, if required, help you to fulfil your prescription.  

We have the latest equipment in our examination rooms, allowing us to scan in fine detail and photograph your eyes with our OCT.  We can fine-tune your prescription for the demands of a modern working environment.

We will help you choose the right frame, for spectacles or sunglasses, from our very extensive range. We have high fashion, bright colours, crystal colours, and retro styles in both metal and plastic. We have a magnetic polarised clip-on range. We have both fashion and sports sunglasses. We even have our own in-house workshop!

We have in-depth knowledge and are qualified in fitting Myopia control spectacles and contact lenses for children.  Every short-sighted child should benefit!

We have extensive experience in all types of contact lenses. Whether it is simple 1 Day, Multifocal, or even specialist Hybrid contact lenses, we will take care of your needs.

Whatever service we offer it will be done in your best interest, and we guarantee satisfaction. If you are not delighted with our products or services, you won’t pay, and I want to know about it.

If you come to David Stern Opticians and trust us to care for you, I promise never to abuse the privilege.  

Our patients are for life. 

David Stern

We opened in 1983. The practice is registered and the team are fully qualified. We have a contract with the NHS and offer all the required services. We fit spectacles and contact lenses for both adults and children.
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